The Five Key Advantages of an Independent Technology Stack in AI Models

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The Five Key Advantages of an Independent Technology Stack in AI Models

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, businesses continually seek avenues to optimize their operations, bolster efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge. One strategic approach that has garnered significant attention in recent times is the development of an independent technology stack. This approach entails the creation of a tailored technological ecosystem in-house, devoid of reliance on third-party APIs or tools.

At laigo.ai, we have taken this one step further and have built a set of AI smartTools that tick off all the boxes when it comes to pricing, data security, customization, and on-premise solutions.

Affordable AI smartTool

We at laigo.ai understand that costs mount up quite fast. To ensure that the latest and greatest technology is available even for the smallest businesses, we have decided to solely rely on building our own technology stacks. AI tools will impact the business world sooner rather than later, and having a reliable yet affordable AI model working for you is extremely important. Our smartTools are built from scratch, to ensure that the rates we offer will always stay affordable to the vast majority. Essentially, the independence from any kind of external service from a supplier results in a direct independence of the price changes from the supplier.

Robust Data Privacy

In an era where data privacy stands as an imperative, laigo.ai provides the AI tools that will do just that – respect your privacy. How do we do this, you may ask? By building an independent technology stack, we have eliminated third-party data collectors. Your data will always stay yours. In today’s world, we find it’s best practice to build your own as that way you can be fully aware of what’s inside, and what’s lacking – and in that regard, we at laigo.ai can guarantee an enterprise security level.

Tailored Customization

One size rarely accommodates all when it comes to technological solutions. With an independent technology stack at your disposal, you escape the constrictions of standardized tools and functionalities. Instead, you gain access to a system meticulously optimized and tailored to your specific requirements. We approach every client’s needs individually, and train our AI model to do just that – provide unique solutions to your business needs. To find out a bit more about how we do this, please follow this article.

On-premise hosting for Enterprises at Scale

For our enterprise clients, we offer the option of on-premise hosting. Our AI model on your cloud ensures that the document processing speed isn’t affected by third-party traffic. While the construction of an independent technology stack may necessitate several months, once our AI model is successfully integrated, it will be running smoothly and efficiently. Our support doesn’t end here though, as our machine learning team will continue to train the AI model, and our support team will be always available to answer any questions.

Enhanced Security and Privacy Compliance

The evolving landscape of data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, necessitates a heightened commitment to compliance and security. Independent technology stacks excel in this regard. By constructing your ecosystem from the ground up, you gain an unparalleled degree of control over security protocols and privacy compliance measures. This not only fortifies your data against potential breaches but also ensures adherence to regulatory requirements, safeguarding your reputation and legal standing.

Apart from the above-listed benefits, it’s crucial to add that if you have built your own technology stack, it is a guarantee that you will always have access to it. In comparison, if you build using a technology stack using external services, and they are no longer available for whatever reason, your business may be compromised.

We at laigo.ai believe in enabling AI for everyone and helping companies reach their peak potential. We do this by constantly looking after your needs while keeping your privacy and budget in mind. There are many additional advantages to building and using an independent technology stack in AI, but we will leave those for a more technical article. For now, we would like to learn more about your specific needs as a company and find out how we can help you scale using our AI smartTools. Reach out to us right now to have a chat.