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The most common word in the namespace of natural language processing (NLP) is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Our solution is a more advanced method, understanding surrounding characters, fonts, and handwriting for more accurate detection. Therefore we decided to name our Solution ICR for Intelligent Character Recognition.
Our smartTools enable a full and easy integrative solution for your business logic or your document process. Provided as an API you can fully integrate our solution in your own pipeline to automate your document processing. Features like text summarization, text translation, converting image to text, and text classification are just a small part of our smartTool collection. Make data ready for additional intelligent document processing steps.
Based on documents, important business decisions are made. Searching specific documents is time-consuming and can be a big show-stopper when fast decisions are needed. smartICR enables you to find documents faster. Converting non-searchable images into pdfs with text recognition enables you, to find your documents more easily in your file explorer or other document management systems. Using the extracted text opens more features like text summarization, text classification and text translation – all of this is automated.
smartTools are fully integrateable in every software. With our REST API you can implement our solution in your automated document process or in your business flows for improving the work with documents. Use our API in only 3 steps: 1. Create a Laigo Account for free 2. Request an API Token 3. Use our REST API in your software. For Testing out the API, your can sign up for a free license. Our documentation provides more details about using the REST API.

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