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Our smartTools are AI-driven software solutions meticulously engineered to improve the functionality of your existing software. These tools have an array of capabilities, including automated data flow organization, extracting meaningful insights from data, streamlining the process of digitizing information, and prioritizing intelligent document processing.

To find out more about our solutions, please feel free to explore the smartTools below.

Text Recognition

Revolutionise text extraction with advanced deep learning technology in computer vision and NLP, extracting text from images in over 100 languages using an LSTM neural network for unmatched performance.

Document Classification

This one-stop solution for invoice and receipt data automation of details is trained on both English and German data, and is compatible with various file layouts and templates.

Information Extraction

Streamline document classification with this advanced machine learning tool trained on diverse German language documents, categorising based on content and layout, including ads, delivery notes, emails, forms, handwriting.

Page Stream Segmentation

This solution automates page stream segmentation for any type of document, providing a faster and more accurate way to manage stacks of documents efficiently.

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