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Making Artificial Inteligence accesible to all businesses. Mission, values, the team and more.

Abou Laigo - Building The Future Of Technology, Today!

Laigo is a pioneering AI company founded in 2022 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Prior to 2024, it focused primarily on developers, offering no-code AI solutions API integration. To better express the market needs and its core mission, the portfolio grow and now includes:

– smartTools Platfom: A collection of AI powered tools ready to use SaaS

– smartTools APIs: No-code APIs ready for developers

– AI Hosting: AI modules hosting for SMBs, Start-up and Scale-up

– Custom AI Solutions: Custom AI modules, tailor-made based on requirements

Laigo provides affordable and user-friendly AI products and solutions that can help businesses of all sizes to improve their operations and achieve their objectives.

“Whether you are looking to automate your business processes, improve customer experience, or optimise your operations, our AI solutions can help you achieve your goals.”

Michael Bauner - Founder & CEO


Elevate the efficiency of individuals by eliminating repetitive tasks with the help of AI


Make artificial intelligence accessible to businesses worldwide, empowering them with innovative solutions for enhanced productivity and efficiency. Overcome budget constraints that keep AI and automation out of reach for most small businesses, start-ups and scale-ups. Empower humans to focus on more important and fulfilling tasks. Under promise but overdeliver. Stay away from using AI as simply a buzzword.

“Imagine a future where our affordable AI solutions revolutionize efficiency by swiftly and precisely automating manual data entry and document related tasks.”

Michael Bauner - Founder & CEO

global presence

Laigo GmbH - Headquarter

Eckenerstr. 65
88046 Friedrichshafen, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 07541 9789558

Laigo DOO

St. Metodija Satorov Sarlo no.1, entrance 2,
floor 1, number 7 1000, Municipality Kisela Voda,
Skopje, North Macedonia
Phone: +389 2246 3913

The Team



Head Architect


Website Admin
Front-end Lead & Task Master
ML Engineer
Lead Manager DevOps
AI Project Lead
Skopje Branch Manager

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