24 Apr 2024

smartICR: Version 1.1.0

smartInvoice: Version 1.2.0

smartCustoms: Version 1.0.0

smartTable: Version 1.1.0


New Features & Improvements

  • Additional models are now available, including smartICR, smartInvoice and smartCustoms.
  • The user profile section is now available to each user.
  • The Administration section has been added and is available for the Administrator role. It includes List of Users, List of Roles and the API Keys section.
  • The API Keys section is the main section for developers and, it includes the main functionality of the smartAPIs product.
  • Sidebar main menu improvements.
  • Various performance and extraction improvements.
  • UI color scheme improvements, as well as multiple small UX enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor font dependencies across devices and browsers (Windows, Mac and Linux).

Known Limitations

  • Although many significant improvements have been made, the UI is still not intended as “mobile first”.


New Features & Improvements

  • The smartICR section has been added, providing extraction from images, as a TXT format.


New Features & Improvements

  • The smartInvoice section has been added, providing extraction from images. It is intend to extract things like Vendor Name, Address, Invoice Number, etc.
  • Supported output formats include  XLSX, CSV and JSON.


New Features & Improvements

  • The smartCustoms section has been added, providing extraction from logistics operations documents.
  • Model was primarily trained on Export documents.

Known Limitations

  • Although, in some cases, it can also extract the main info from Import documents, it is not the models intended purpose.
  • An improved model will be available in the future to cover such scenarios.


New Features & Improvements

  • Multiple extraction optimizations.