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Generative AI

How AI Generates Content Recently, a new term has increasingly emerged in the field of artificial intelligence: Generative AI. It came into focus especially around highly complex applications such as ChatGPT and describes a new level of capabilities for AI. In contrast to AI functionality that makes distinctions (hence discriminative AI), generative AI is able […]

How companies can reduce work frustration: Automate repetitive tasks

Repetitive tasks involve the same or similar activities being repeated at short intervals. These are generally undemanding, simple tasks that usually only cover part of a more comprehensive process. The classic example of repetitive tasks is traditional assembly line work in industrial manufacturing. But in the office, there are also many tasks that need to […]

What do independent software vendors gain from AI?

How software vendors can delight their customers with AI Software has the character of a perpetual construction site. The environments in which software is used are constantly changing, so it must be adapted to developments. Aspects of protection and security play a significant role, as does functionality. Requirements come from different directions: on the one […]

How AI can change the economy

There is probably no question that AI will have a very significant impact on business and society. According to a survey of around 600 companies in Germany conducted by the ITC association Bitkom, this is set to happen faster than expected: 15 percent of respondents already see an impact; 79 percent expect an impact in […]

Improvement: Digital Archiving with AI

Digital archiving has become a preferred method of document storage in companies and organizations. This practice involves archiving frequently accessed documents, as well as important contractual and other business-related documents that need to be stored due to legal regulations and may need to be presented if necessary. Advantages of digital archiving: The shift towards digital […]

How AI affects resource planning in companies

resource planning

ERP solutions are central applications in the company that link all crucial business processes in a unified IT system. This enables the planning of resource utilization such as personnel, financial resources, inventory, plant utilization, etc., and the management of processes such as the processing of offers, orders, purchases, invoices, and production. Furthermore, additional functions can […]

China, EU, USA: Who stands where in artificial intelligence and why?

In one of the previous blog posts, we mentioned that according to the Bitkom survey on the status of AI in companies from the summer of 2022, Germany has fallen behind the USA, China and Japan in the view of the respondents and is unlikely to catch up in the coming years. Respondents see the […]

What is holding back AI development

Artificial intelligence is considered a key technology of the 21st century with enormous potential for productivity growth and economic growth. The German government has recognized the importance of AI, presented an AI strategy for Germany in 2018 and updated it in 2020 with the aim of “strengthening Germany as a location for research, development and […]

AI in the EU: Artificial Intelligence Regulation

Like other technologies, the use of Artificial Intelligence has two sides: It can be used to support and help people, for example with precise medical diagnostics, but also to manipulate or discriminate against individuals or social groups. The development and use of AI thus not only concern aspects such as productivity or the quality of […]

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